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Just a few things while we figure out what we’re doing with the Internet.

First off, there will be a separate blog coming soon that’s all Bemidji State hockey, all the time. It’s just not up yet. But it will be in the near future.

This never happened. It probably won’t. Too much time constraints, and it seems that this blog has a following. So continue to read this space for your Bemijdi State sports news.

I’m still figuring out how this is going to work. We’re still figuring out exactly what we are going to do with the blog, but we’d like to try a few different and interesting things that you, our readers, will enjoy.

Obviously, this space will be used first and foremost to report various happenings around Bemidji State. The Beavers are a big part of this community and we’re definitely aware that people care how the teams do.

I will tell you for that I’m not going to straight-up post game stories on this site. We already have a place where those go. It’s called a newspaper, you should buy one sometime. No, really. Newspapers are awesome, and you should probably subscribe to one. Preferably the Pioneer.

Seriously, I love the newspaper, but newspapers have limited amounts of space and things called “deadlines.” That means it’s really hard to include EVERYTHING that goes on in a game, or on campus, with that limited time and space.

Hence this blog. Unlimited time, unlimited space.* I’ll link to our game stories on here whenever possible, but it’s my plan to go beyond the box score of the games to give some observations and analysis about BSU sports that maybe don’t fit in the conventional game story.

*Theoretically. Did I just blow your mind? I think I blew mine.

And I’ll probably try some other stuff out, too. Like video? Audio? Photos? Live Blogging? Who knows? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Okay. I got a bit carried away there. But truthfully, your input is appreciated. You’ll find contact information for us (the sports staff) on the side of this blog. If there’s something you’d like to see, something you like, something you don’t like, let us hear about it. We’ll take reader suggestions into account when deciding where to go with this blog in the future.

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