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My name is Austin Monteith and I am a sports reporter for the Bemidji Pioneer, where I primarily cover Bemidji State athletics.

I have inherited this blog from my predecessor Jack Hittinger so I’m still working the bugs in this thing as I get started in my first season covering the Beavers. So please forgive me for the bare bones bio for the time being.


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  1. Did you go to the College that publishes Imprimis? Very classy publication.

    Love your blog. Bemidji State Hockey is getting more fun to follow this year, as Bitzer is an incredible goalie and anything can happen when the Fitzgerald triplets are on the ice.

  2. And yes, Michigan does have more lakes than Minnesota. And Michigan is a better school, academically, than MInnesota. But Michigan also has Detroit vs. The Twins (epic fail for Michigan), and Norman Borloug, PhD and worthiest Nobel Prize Winner EVER (saved over a billion lives) got his PhD from Minnesota, not Michigan.

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