Former Beavs McCormack, Gerbrandt Part Of Hockey History

So, the BSU men’s team was swept by Bowling Green last weekend in the WCHA semifinals. I’m sure you read all about it in the Pioneer. Although the Beavers didn’t finish the job and take the Broadmoor Trophy and the WCHA’s automatic NCAA bid, they finished 22-16-3 and won the MacNaughton Cup. Their first 20-win season since 2009-10, their first regular-season league title since that same year and their first-ever WCHA regular-season title since joining the conference in 2010-11.

I’ll have some more on the team — a recap of the season and a preview for next — later this week. Until then, here’s what Tom Serratore had to say after Saturday’s 2-1 Game Two loss. He was disappointed, obviously, that their season ended in the semis and not the league title game or the NCAA. But he was happy to look back:

“We all thought we were going to win. You don’t think any different. In my mind, in our player’s minds, we were going to win this game and be playing next Saturday. It didn’t happen that way. It’s disappointing, but I don’t want that to take away from our great season. We won the MacNaughton Cup, we won the marathon, we won the regular season championship, we won 22 games. We had a good hockey team. We were entertaining. It’s disappointing for all of us because I think we all had high expectations for this group. We wanted to keep going. But when the sun shines tomorrow, we can reflect back and it was a darned good year. … We wanted to make it back (to the NCAA tournament) and it just didn’t happen. But you take steps, and we took steps. We’ll see you next year.”

But look for more later this week.

In the meantime, here’s a fun bit of news that’s been making the rounds today: Former BSU player Graeme McCormack and Markus Gerbrandt just participated in what people are thinking is the longest game in hockey history.

The Beaver alumni’s Norwegian League team, Sparta Sarpsborg, is in the playoffs against the Storhamar Dragons. Game Five of their best-of-seven series went to eight overtimes before Storhamar scored the game-winner and won 2-1.

In all, the two teams played 11 periods of hockey and a total of 217 minutes and 14 seconds. (The previous record was in 1936 when the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Maroons went six overtimes.) The game started at 6 p.m. and didn’t end until 2:30 a.m. local time.

McCormack’s hometown paper in Thunder Bay reported on the game, with the best line coming here:

“The game was so long local police were tweeting they’d been getting calls about missing people. Final shots in the contest were 96-93 for the winning Dragons.

I’m not sure if box scores exist for the Norwegian league (maybe? a little help?) but from what I can gather from the Sparta Warrior team website’s game recap (translated into English from Norwegian because I am not smart), McCormack, the former Beaver captain, took a penalty in the game but didn’t score. There were, oddly, just three penalties combined over 11 periods of hockey, which seems low, especially as they start to get tired and sloppy. (Maybe they just don’t call much in Norway?).

I also can’t tell if Gerbrandt played in the game or not (again, if you know some Norwegian, maybe you can help?) but he is, according to EliteProspects, one of their top scorers with 35 points on the season (19g, 16a). McCormack is one of their top two defensemen, with 20 points (4g, 18 a).

Storhamar went up 3-2 in the seven-game series. Game 6 is Tuesday.