WCHA Playoff Update

Good afternoon. Here’s an update from WCHA playoff-land. A few things have changed after last night’s games. Here are where things stand. The top three seeds, as well as the No. 6 seed, is locked in. Here’s what we have in order:

1. Bemidji State (64 points) – We already knew this a while ago.

2. Michigan Tech (54 points) – The Huskies locked into the No. 2 seed after beating Northern Michigan last night and getting BSU’s help.

3. Minnesota State (48 points) – The Mavs needed to win last night to have a chance at No. 2.

4 OR 5. Bowling Green or Ferris State (41 points) – Falcons and Bulldogs currently tied for the final home ice slot. They’ll play one another in the next round, but the question is who hosts. If they finish tied, BG hosts because they have the tiebreakers.

6. Alaska (37 points) – Nanooks beat rivals Alaska Anchorage to lock up a playoff slot, they’ll travel to Mankato for the first round.

7. Lake Superior State (33 points) – Could finish anywhere from seventh to ninth.

8. Northern Michigan (31 points) – Could finish anywhere from seventh to ninth.

9. Alabama Huntsville (30 points) – Could finish anywhere from seventh to ninth.

10. Alaska Anchorage (26 points) – Eliminated after losing to Alaska last night.

So as it stands now, the Beavers could host any of those three teams (LSSU, NMU, UAH) in the first round of the playoffs next week. Of the three, the Beavers have played NMU four times and went 4-0 against them. BSU went 1-0-1 against Lake State and 1-1-0 against Alabama Huntsville.

Huntsville needs to win to stay alive. They lost 7-0 last night in Bowling Green. The only scenario in which Lake State does not make the playoffs is if the Lakers lose, UAH wins and NMU earns two points. In that case, the Lakers lose the three-way tiebreakers and are eliminated.

The Beavers don’t seem concerned with which team they play first, and because both they and MSU are locked into their respective seeds now, I can see it being a pretty free-wheeling, entertaining game tonight since neither team has much to lose. But we’ll see.