PREGAME WARMUP: UND/BSU, Home And Home Doubleheader Edition

Not a lot of time to blog, so I’ll be brief:

It’s a big weekend for both Beaver hockey teams (as you know). And with both teams’ good starts (the women 5-1-0 and the men with the smaller-sample-size 1-0), they’re hosting the (Sundogs/Hawks/NoDaks/Roughriders/North Stars) at the opportune time with some opportunity to pick up some momentum.

The women will once again rely on All-American goaltender Brittni Mowat to keep them in it against a UND team that has a pair of solid goaltenders. Mowat has a 0.60 GAA and has allowed just one even strength goal.

I also chatted with Mowat about her mask in a new video series we’re doing. (It was fun, but there’s a reason why I am a print journalist so please go easy on me.)

As for the Beaver men, they have a knack for early-season wins against top ranked teams like North Dakota. (Remember last season in Grand Forks? Yeah, as if BSU fans could forget….)

I also talked with John Parker, also on video.

Finally, over on Shane Frederick and I wrote about the Beavers’ big win over UMD as well as Minnesota State’s tough losses, and did our weekly predictions.

Anyway, the women’s game starts at 2:07 today in Bemidji, so I’ve got to get ready for that. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. John Carstens

    What an exhaustion great weekend for the Women’s hockey team vs The UNoDs. If it wasn’t so important it would be fun for the coackes from both teams have all players switch jerseys without telling anyone and see if anybody would notice. (Beavers in UNoDs UNoDs in Beavers). The play would of stayed the same. Tougas and Dufullt. The blocked shots, the tight D, and goaltending Supreme. Very good hockey, exhausting and not many chances. Congrats for the win. All that work – two games, one goal in regulation, one goal after the game. If you were splitting wood with all that effort it would be a mighty big pile. Have a great week and series in Mad town! Go Beavers!

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