It’s Huntsville Week! And Other Post-vacation Observations

I’ve returned from my New Years’ vacation to Texas, where the 45 degree weather meant Houstonians were bundled up in parkas (not joking) while I spent much of the week either sick (got an ear infection on Dec. 31!) or walking around in shorts and flip flops while Texans gave me weird looks.

Incidentally, that’s probably the same thing that happens anytime a Northerner goes to Huntsville from December to March.

The Beavers don’t get to bask in the glow of Southern warmth this weekend, however: Instead, the Chargers are coming up here riding a three-game unbeaten streak.

That’s right. UAH, fresh of its first-ever WCHA sweep, also tied No. 13 Nebraska Omaha before Christmas.

The sweep, according to, is the Chargers’ first legit two-game sweep of a D-I team since January 2010 against Niagara.

And don’t look now, but the Chargers are just one point behind the Beavers in the WCHA standings.

So this is a big series for both teams. Certainly the most important of this rivalry since the CHA days.

You can believe I’ll have much more on this series in the coming week. Just putting a seed in your mind, in case you needed reminding: It’s Huntsville week.

My USCHO ballot

I’ve been neglecting to do this the past few weeks, but because people are interested, here’s my USCHO ballot.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve voted. I kept Boston U at No. 1 because I saw no real reason to drop them. Mankato is holidng steady at No. 2, Harvard No. 3 and North Dakota and Minnesota Duluth round out the top 5.

MSU was my top team after the break but I believe the tie to Northern Michigan caused me to drop them a slot.

At least for my, the 20 teams in the ballot have been pretty consistent for the past few weeks. Mostly I’ve just been rearranging the order. Maybe that will change this week depending on what teams like Yale, Dartmouth and Michigan do. But for now, this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

1. Boston U
2. Minnesota State
3. Harvard
4. North Dakota
5. Minnesota Duluth
6. Miami
7. Michigan Tech
8. Lowell
9. Vermont
10. Bowling Green
11. Minnesota
12. Denver
13. Omaha
14. Merrimack
15. Robert Morris
16. Quinnipiac
17. Providence
18. Boston College
19. Penn State
20. Colgate

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    Why do i hate Huntsville?
    Ever since we lost to them in the DII Nat’l championship back in 1996. some friends and me traveled all way down south of the Mason Dixon line to watch what turned out to be a whoop’n on our beloved Beavers. Their fans did not understand the game of hockey at all. We had to explain what icing was/is, not just the sweet stuff on top of birthday cakes.
    Then when they did beat us, in game 2 on saturday night, they blarred that oh so crappy song “sweet home alabama” by Lynyrd Skynrd, which i have never liked that band in the 1st place (and now i really can’t stand it to this day!).
    We did get our revenge on them in 1997 when the BWO (Beaver World Order) struck back! And it was Sweeeeeeeet!
    That team, like all others before and after it, were a bunch of great guys. it was fun to hang out with them and cheer them on.
    -Forever Beaver Fan
    #91 Drunkorov!
    “Go BEAVS!”

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