They Want My Poll: Media Poll, USCHO Poll Picks From Yours Truly

Would you like me to show you my soul, I mean, poll?

I apologize for that terrible pun in the title but it gives me the bad excuse to post a Spoon song in this post. So what that video (the album is called “They Want My Soul”… I know, just bear with me and like my favorite band, OK?) and follow me afterwards for my media poll picks (as well as my USCHO poll pick… I’m a voter this season).

There, happy Tuesday night. I feel better, do you?

Anyway: As you know, I organized the WCHA media poll again this year. It was a lot easier to pull together this time around than it was last year (mostly because last year was the first with the newly-constructed league).

Find the full results for the poll here (along with Shane Frederick’s coaches poll), but I realized, as is my tradition, that I forgot to post my own poll picks like I had planned last night.

So let’s rectify that.

1. Ferris State
2. Minnesota State
3. Alaska
4. Bowling Green
5. Michigan Tech
6. Bemidji State
7. Alaska Anchorage
8. Lake Superior State
9. Northern Michigan
10. Alabama-Huntsville

I was one of just four people to pick Ferris State to finish first. Maybe a mistake on my part, but it’s a fair choice, I think, if Minnesota State doesn’t win. I also have BSU higher than some — sixth– but as we saw last year the Beavers very well could have been fifth. They were six points out of third. Also: Lake Superior State probably won’t end up being better than Northern. I was thinking their forward lines would carry them but they’re going to be really young on defense and have zero games experience in net. But we’ll see on that one, I guess — they start this weekend against Tech.

As for the player awards, here are mine:

Player of the Year: Leitner, MSU
Newcomer of the Year: Mark Friedman, Bowling Green
F-Cory Ward, Bemidji State
F-Matt Leitner, Minnesota State
F-Alex Globke, Lake State
D-Colton Parayko, Alaska
D-Shane Hannah, Tech
G-CJ Motte, Ferris

Nothing too controversial, although I’m surprised that more people didn’t pick either Cory Ward or Alex Globke on their all-WCHA teams. Obviously there’s a lot of competition out there, especially at forward (with Leitner, MSU’s John-Paul Lafontaine and Alaska’s Tyler Morley garnering the most votes), but you’d expect Ward to get more than four and Globke more than three.

As for the USCHO poll: It’s a crapshoot. I tried to wing it but the only ranking I’m really confident in is Minnesota at No. 1. Everything else is a maybe.

1. Minnesota
2. North Dakota
3. Providence
4. Colgate
5. Miami
6. Michigan
7. Minnesota State
8. Boston College
9. Mercyhurst
10. St. Cloud State
11. Union
12. Ferris State
13. Notre Dame
14. Wisconsin
15. Cornell
16. Robert Morris
17. Northeastern
18. Air Force
19. Bowling Green
20. Alaska

Maybe too many Atlantic Hockey teams on there? I don’t know. I have read positive things about Mercyhurst and Robert Morris.

Here’s the complete poll. As you can see, some 70% of all Division I hockey teams received at least a vote… so it’s hard to say for certain what it all means.

What do you guys think? Are my preseason WCHA predictions sound? Are my national rankings good or crazy? Am I out of my mind in general? Do you like Spoon?

Let me know in the comments.

Also, for good measure, another Spoon song. You’re welcome.