Bemidji State Vs. Lake Superior State Game 2

Teams return to action tonight for the series finale. Bemidji State surely wants to get some points after losing that one-goal lead last night.

In related news, the Beavers just finalized six signings for the 2014-15 season. None of the names are a surprise, but it’s nice to get official confirmation on them.

And before you ask: Yes, the Fitzgerald triplets are officially coming next year. Here’s the full list, to jog your memory:

G Michael Bitzer (Lincoln, USHL; Moorhead)
Brett Beauvais (Penticton, BCHL; Summerside, Prince Edward Island)
Gerry Fitzgerald (Victoria, BCHL; Port Alberni, British Columbia)
F Leo Fitzgerald (Victoria, BCHL; Port Alberni, British Columbia)
F Myles Fitzgerald (Victoria, BCHL; Port Alberni, British Columbia)
Corey Petrash (Cedar Rapids, USHL; East St. Paul, Manitoba)

There are a few other players who have given verbals to BSU that haven’t signed yet (for example, Bemidji High grad Jordan Heller). However, this is just the early signing period so we can probably expect more signings later in the season.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are lines for Game 2 against Lake State. Lots of line tweaks for Beavers, including moving Illo to the second line, putting Mattson at left wing on top line and bringing Harms up to right wing. Cain moves from fourth line to third while Brewer will move from third line wing to fourth line center.  Also, Bob Kinne is in on the third line while Chatlie O’Connor is a scratch. No changes on D for BSU; Sam Windle still out with injury.

Only change for Lake State is Peter Spratte in for Ian Miller, who got tossed from last night’s game for contact to the head.

BEMIDJI STATE (4-7-2, 4-4-1 WCHA)

Danny Mattson  – Cory Ward – Brendan Harms
Radoslav Illo  – Jeff Jubinville – Markus Gerbrandt
Bob Kinne – Mitch Cain – Brad Robbins
Phillip Marinaccio – Phil Brewer – Matt Hartmann

Ruslan Pedan – Matt Prapavessis
James Hansen – Graeme McCormack
Sam Rendle – D.J. Jones

Andrew Walsh
Reid Mimmack
Jesse Wilkins



Garret Clemment – Chris Ciotti – Andrew Dommett
Alex Globke – Dan Radke – Colin Campbell
Peter Spratte – Mitchell Nardi – Gus Correale
Daniel Vernace – Stephen Perfetto – Bryce Schmitt

Matt Bruneteau – Zach Loesch
Andrew Perrault – Zach Sternberg
Kevin Czuczman – Eric Drapluk

Kevin Murdock
Kevin Kapalka