Beavers Hockey Roster Breakdown

Back in June I did a little breakdown of Bemidji State’s incoming freshman recruiting class.

Now that school is back in session (it started Monday) the 2013-14 roster has been officially released with the freshmen listed on the roster for the first time. (At least I assume it just went up, they weren’t on there last I checked.)

With all this in mind I decided to shamelessly steal an idea from the Mankato Free Press’ Shane Frederick and do a complete roster breakdown for the upcoming season.

(In fairness I had been planning on doing something similar on the blog earlier but I didn’t have the full roster until just now. Either way Shane doesn’t have a bad idea so hopefully he’s not mad when I publish this with compliment upon compliment.)

One thing I may have missed earlier (correct me in the comments if I’m wrong – it may have been announced and I didn’t see it), but junior defenseman Matt Prapavessis is officially listed as the team’s captain for the season. Sharing alternate captain duties are senior forwards Jeff Jubinville and Matt Hartmann.

Anyway, officially the Beavers have eight newcomers on the roster, although two players that reportedly committed to BSU aren’t listed (Nate Arentz and John Parker).

The rest of the newcomers go like this:

Forwards: Brendan Harms, Bob Kinne, Phillip Marinaccio, Charlie O’Connor

Defensemen: D.J. Jones, Ruslan Pedan, Carter Struthers

Goaltender: Jesse Wilkins

Here’s a breakdown of the team by where they’re from. The ratio of Americans to Canadians (12 to 11) is pretty similar to where it was last year (13 to 12).



Minnesota (8): James Hansen (Maple Grove); Sam Windle (Maple Grove); D.J. Jones (Plymouth); Danny Mattson (Minneapolis); Sam Rendle (Grand Rapids); Matt Hartmann (White Bear Lake); Reid Mimmack (Brainerd); Bob Kinne (St. Paul)

California (2): Tyler Tosunian (Whittier); Brad Robbins (Murietta)

Nevada (1): Cory Ward (Las Vegas)

Illinois (1): Charlie O’Connor (Elk Grove Villiage)


Ontario (5): Matt Prapavessis (Oakville); Phillip Marianaccio (Nobleton); Graeme McCormack (Thunder Bay); Mitch Cain (Fort Frances); Phil Brewer (Cambridge)

Alberta (3): Jeff Jubinville (Edmonton); Markus Gerbrandt (Edmonton); Jesse Wilkins (Calgary)

British Columbia (1): Andrew Walsh (Dawson Creek)

Manitoba (1): Brendan Harms (Steinbach)

Saskatchewan (1): Carter Struthers (Wayburn)

SLOVAKIA (1): Radoslav Illo (Brystrica)

RUSSIA (1): Ruslan Pedan (Moscow)

When you break it down by class, you’ll find that in stark contrast to last season’s huge senior group (10) this year the Beavers have just 3 upperclassmen this season (Illo, Jubinville, Hartmann). But that doesn’t mean they’re young or inexperienced. Of the 7 juniors (Windle, Prapavessis, Mattson, Tosunian, Rendle, Cain, Walsh) and 7 sophomores (McCormack, Hansen, Ward, Robbins, Grebrandt, Brewer, Mimmack), 11 saw significant playing time last season.

Here’s a breakdown by position:

Forwards (14): Marianaccio, Jubinville, Ward, Mattson, Robbins, Illo, Tosunian, Hartmann, O’Connor, Gerbrandt, Kinne, Cain, Harms, Brewer

Thoughts: This looks to be the deepest group at least as far as returners go. Although the Beavers lost four of their last six scorers two others returning aren’t seniors. Ward had a breakout freshman season (9g, 6a) and should be a top-line candidate along with Mattson (4g, 15a as a sophomore). Jubinville and Illo should be bedrocks of a line apiece (my guess) to spread out some leadership experience. Don’t forget about some of the other youngsters who showcased solid third and fourth line play (Robbins, Brewer, Gerbrandt, Cain). Harms, by all accounts, could be BSU’s breakout freshman this season much like Ward was last season, but he will likely have to work his way up the line chart.

Defensemen (8): Hansen, Windle, Struthers, Prapavessis, McCormack, Jones, Rendle, Pedan

Thoughts: This is a group that looks rock solid at the top (Prapavessis, Windle, Rendle) but I’m still not sure how the youngsters and newcomers will react to their increased roles. BSU lost a couple of guys that were the backbone of their defensive core (Jake Areshenko, Brady Wacker) so the BSU coaching staff will have to find some defensive pairings that can work to replace that one at the top.

Goalies (3): Walsh, Mimmack, Wilkins

Thoughts: Walsh will be counted on to be BSU’s rock in net this year. He was lights-out early and late in the season but struggled a bit midseason (as did the rest of the BSU team). Neither Mimmack – who came to BSU at midseason in 2013 – nor Wilkins has any collegiate playing experience. So if Walsh struggles at all this year it will be interesting to see which goaltender gets the first chance.

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