Summertime Blues

It’s (almost) officially summertime.

You know how I can tell? Here at the Pioneer, all but one of the prep teams in our coverage area are done for the season (Blackduck baseball looking for a return trip to state this week). The prep track and golf seasons are nearly done, too.

Bemidji State ended its 2012-13 sports season a few weeks ago following the Beaver baseball team’s “Cinderella” run to the NSIC tournament final. (Cinderella in quotes because, let’s face it, they were much better than an eight-seed. I think everyone in the league can see that now.)

Now that all of these things are winging down, now’s the perfect time to look ahead to the 2013-14 sports season for Bemidji State. My plan for this summer is to look ahead and preview each BSU team, their recruiting class coming in and the outlook for the next season.

Obviously this is not going to make up for the fact that I neglected to blog for about two months straight following the end of the Beaver hockey season. (Sorry guys.)

But I’m a year into this venture (the blog and the job) and now that I’m actually familiar with BSU players, coaches and teams (and more familiar with the leagues they play in) I can actually make informed analysis.

That’s what I plan to do this summer, both in the paper and on the blog. (Also, if you have any ideas of what you’d like to read, be it in the paper or online, drop me a line.)

Stay tuned this week when I will take a look at the incoming BSU hockey recruiting class.

(Also, I haven’t done this in a while, but it’s Tuesday, so why the heck not. HOORAY FOR TUESDAY: