Lance Rongstad Goes Beast Mode

This is probably the understatement of the year, and of course no amount of grainy video can disprove this.

This bit of grainy video, however, will probably make him look even better than he think he is. Just watch him hurdle this MSU-Moorhead defender:

Multiple people nominated this play for SportsCenter’s Top Ten on Twitter. I have yet to see if it makes it, but… I hope so. If it does, I will update.

Aside from making somewhat ridiculous athletic plays, Rongstad was responsible for 336 yards (202 passing, 127 rushing) in BSU’s 35-25 win over the Dragons. My story is live here, so read it.

Just for fun, here are some more quotes about Rongstad’s run:

BSU WR Justin Lee: “I was running my fake bubble rout. It was a QB draw and rather than try and chase down Lance, which is impossible, I just got a back row seat and watched him hurdle that guy and take off. It was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.”

BSU head coach Jeff Tesch: “That was about an athletic move as I can remember seeing. It was a pretty special day. He’s playing well. [The play] was a designed draw… it was not designed for him to hurdle the guy. He just decided… when you’re a good athlete sometimes you do stuff that isn’t on the drawing board so he just hurdled over him.

MSUM head coach Steve Laqua: “It was certainly an emotional letdown to allow that to happen. Especially in the way that he made it. It was certainly a great play by a great player. We held it together. I think we manage those ups and downs better than we have better in the past, but I think that’s a sign that our young kids are getting more mature.”

Rongstad himself: “It was a designed QB draw. The line blocked really well, Brian [Leonhardt, BSU TE] got up to his backer. Then it was just one-one-one with the safety. I had time to get a running start, it just hit me that maybe should I just jump over the kid.”

(On his mindset deciding to hurdle over Matt DeJong, the unfortunate MSUM safety): “I don’t think I ever decided, I think I just did it. It’s just kind of a reaction thing. You talk about doing it all the time and no one ever really does it, but then when they do it’s… I mean, I was a reaction thing you don’t think about.”

The Beavers have one more game next Saturday against Minot State. Rongstad already has 2,396 total yards on the season and if he puts up another game like he did against the Dragons he could finish with more than 2,500 for the season – something only four Beavers have ever accomplished.