More On Today’s Homecoming Game Against UM Crookston

Funny how one day can change your entire thought process.

After Thursday’s press conference, I was in full football mode. But Friday I practiced my hockey photo skills for the first time at the Sanford Center for the women’s Green and White scrimmage. I almost forgot football existed.

But now that deadline is over and I’m back to reality: Football does, indeed, exist, despite how much the NFL referees wanted you to think otherwise.

My story on Bemidji State’s homecoming game is live now. But I had some interesting quotes about those pesky Golden Eagles that I wasn’t able to use. More after the jump.

Obviously, one of the biggest storylines this season for the Beavers has been turnovers. I didn’t talk about that much because… well, there’s not much new to say. The BSU coaching staff and players seem tired of talking about it, and I don’t blame them.

“It sounds like a broken record,” BSU defensive coordinator Rich Jahner said. “I wish I could tell you something different, but turnovers changed the momentum of the game once again (against Sioux Falls).”

Against Sioux Falls, the story was slightly different in that starting QB Lance Rongstad didn’t play. Instead, backups Alex Hass and Sam King took reps. Hass threw two interceptions and King one, both in the second half.

On the one hand, those turnovers did come at inopportune times. On the other, neither player has seen much action – if any – in a collegiate setting. It may have been good for them to get out there and get the butterflies out of their stomach.

BSU RB Dustin Kroeplin seemed to think exactly that.

“To be honest, if we had all our guys back, could we have won, possibly. But it was nice to see the young guys step up and take control. I told them on the bus coming home, they had nothing to hang their heads about. It was one of the best things I’ve seen all year. It was just nice to see guys step in and take on the responsibility.

Obviously, No QB is going to play a flawless game. The O-Line, I couldn’t be more proud of those guys. Their hard work and dedication is paying off. They deserve more credit than they get.

The Beavers will be down a few offensive linemen again tonight against Crookston – left guard Jordan Oein and center Brett DeLange – but Rongstad will be back.

“They have a gambling defense,” BSU head coach Jeff Tesch said. “They’ll hit you for a sack or a loss or they give up some big plays because of the gambling they do.”

That means hanging on to the ball today will be even more important for BSU. If the Eagles gamble and guess correctly, that could turn into a fumble or pick.

This all sounds like obvious stuff, and the Beavers know it. They are as frustrated as anybody about the turnovers.

But maybe the Beavers can get some of that homecoming mojo and start to turn their season around.

They’ll need to be basically flawless the rest of the year if they want to have any hope at the postseason, as they still take on Duluth and St. Cloud on the road, as well as an always-tough U-Mary team on the road.

It doesn’t look likely, but that’s why they play the games. (I just cringed while typing that, but it’s cliche for a reason.)