Men’s Hoops Job Posted

The search is on.

The Bemidji State athletic department has finally posted the job listing as it looks to replace former head men’s basketball coach Matt Bowen. It went up online today. You can read the full listing here.

It’s nothing too out of the ordinary for a college coaching job listing. You might find it pretty dull. I found it exceedingly dull, but it has to be written and posted in this way seeing as how BSU is a state institution and all.

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that despite Bowen’s departure, BSU is in a very enviable position here.

I chatted a bit with AD Rick Goeb yesterday. He told me he was sad to see Bowen leave, both personally and professionally, but he’s excited for the job process. That’s because BSU has a higher profile in men’s basketball than it has in years, and that’s mostly due to the work Bowen did recruiting.

He helped turn the program around, and people are taking notice. Whoever the department ends up hiring, you can be sure they will have an extremely competitive list of candidates to choose from.

(Side note: As you will notice, this blog is finally starting to take shape. Because this is only my fourth post, I still have some kinks to work out. Any reader suggestions are greatly welcomed.)