Read, Flyers Ousted From Playoffs

I know in the “About this Blog” section of this blog it says that there will be no hockey on this blog. But I lied. At least, I lied until we actually start our hockey blog.* Which is coming, I swear.

*How many times can I say ‘blog’ on this blog without being annoying?

That said, I’m sure most Beaver fans were disappointed tonight when they watched the Devils finish off Matt Read’s Flyers in four straight easy games. Ever since Read scored the first goal in Game 2 it all went downhill for Philly. And I’m sure Ilya Bryzgalov’s Luongo-esque performance and “creative” puckhandling in this series will surely endear him to those wonderful Philadelphia fans.

C’est la vie. As a couple of the hockey players told me when I asked them about it last week, that’s just how hockey goes. Especially the playoffs. I would have enjoyed seeing the Cup in real life here in Bemidji, but heck… Read’s only a rookie. I think we’ve got plenty of time to watch him play well for a good team.