Hello, Operator

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Beaver Sports Blog. Please mind the mess while we get this blog up and running. Soon you will find other things on the side rail of this blog, like links and a blogroll and contact information. And there will no longer be random photos of acorns, chess sets and trolley cars above these posts.

If you’d like something to read in the meantime, how about reading about Matt Read? (See what I just did there? You’re welcome.) The Flyers lost Thursday night, but Read is still doing very well this year.

Sen. Al Franken was also on campus at Bemidji State Thursday, and all-star reporter Brian Matthews was there. Read about Franken’s visit here. No word on if he namechecked James Ellisor.

P.S. Points to you if you can identify the artist and album this post’s title refers to.